My collection of photography usually emphasizes the view of a specific topic. I feel each picture captures something so powerful like a different sound: sometimes just a single voice, giving the feeling more monophonic. Sometimes — vociferous like a multi-voiced church choir, emotional. The point of reference in the work could be highly local, but at the same time use the wide geography of the topic development. From the start a short episode displaying the main character’s life and with it, the detailed material about the history of the community in the traditional entourage. Today I want to touch on a small segment of the life of one particular character, created from unique moments that go through amazing metamorphoses, literally before your eyes. Tomorrow we will return to the character to discuss about his landmark moments of transformation, to see the change of states over a long period of time, returning again and again to the topic that seemed like has long been completed.

In my series I love to show a comprehensive sacralization of the illuminated habitat, harmoniously integrated into internal space images; to show the “truth of life”, and personal, creative participation with an atmosphere of photographic action, there is no place for anything far-fetched, superfluous, where efforts are largely made, whenever possible, in one way or another, balancing the antinomic perception of individual frames, each time, leading them to a common and preferably iconicity dominant.